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“Floriography in 3 Translations”

Kennedy Douglas Art Center, Florence, Al.
September 4th – September 24th 2018.

This exhibition was shared by two other wonderful artist who also worked on the same theme using other mediums. Floriography means language of flowers and I  had used clay to express it.  

“Observing ….hence my love affair with nature began.  While working on this exhibition my family had gone through one of the most difficult time.  As a result I couldn’t sleep throughout the night will wake up around 2am everyday and I would be in my studio by 2:30 till everyone woke up around 7am.  This predawn period in Hindu culture is called “Bhram Muhurat” Wikipedia calls it “creator’s hour” in these hours I made clay flowers  they became offerings like beads of rosary for Catholics, or paper crane for Japanese as form of a prayer.  This was most profound experience for me.

Kennedy Douglas Art Center
217 E. Tuscaloosa St. Florence, AL 35630
Open: Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Gallery talk on September, 6th at 6 pm.
floriography floriography FB_IMG_1538487937871

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