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Functional Ware

I use clay as sculpting material, meaning I hand build my functional potteries.  I make wares that amplify my narrative – using shapes that are carved and sculpted in clay – turning it into a utilitarian vessel to be used daily.  This series of clay work is my homage to production potters around the globe.
I love to sculpt in clay, as a homage to potters from ancient times to today, from around the globe who have devoted their life in making beautiful vessels – it’s my desire to be part of that creed therefore I make bowls.

For me bowls represents a coming together, two hands form a bowl.  This I believe evokes kindness and empathy.  Metaphorically for me “bowl” holds lots for different meanings such as hunger, desire, anger, satisfaction, fulfillment, oppression, etc. In Mahabharat – Krishna gives Draupadi a bowl “Akshaya Patra” as they head toward 12 years of their stay in the forest, away from their life in palace and kingdom.  

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