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About Amita

Amit Bhakta

When art (either visual, performing, or literal) is eliminated from people’s lives, civilized society would struggle to exist.  It would stop breathing, flourishing, or renewing itself it would become stale, stagnant, and eventually decay. An artist breathes freshness, growth, vitality, energy, and life into our social fabric. I am privileged to be part of this tribe. My community, my world, and the events in it, motivates me to creates the subjects of my work, this itself becomes my narrative.

To me my paintings are like sonnets that tell stories with just a few colors, lines, and shapes. Along the way my senses are challenged, excited, and immersed.  As my paintings remind me of sonnets, my pottery is similar to haikus. Whether it is functional or nonfunctional, working with this modest medium, I can narrate the most interesting tales, reflective of my cultural background, and events around me. In any medium – I aim to please the eyes, seek challenges for my brain, and satisfaction for my soul. I have been privileged to experience and participate in many wonderful moments in my artistic career. Please check out my Proud Moments Gallery.

If you would like to inquire about any of the art featured on the site or upcoming projects, please reach out to me and visit my Contact Me Page. 

All proceeds from my work goes toward various charities that I support here in USA and India. 

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