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About Amita

Amit BhaktaTo me my paintings are like sonnets which tell stories with just a few colors, lines, shapes and with it my senses become challenged, excited, and enthralled.  And if paintings are like sonnets then my clay works to me are haikus whether it is functional or non functional work with most modest medium there is interesting tales in them.  In any medium my works are feasts for the eyes, challenges for the brain, and satisfaction to my soul.

Art, either visual, performing, or literal when it is eliminated from people’s lives civilized society would cease to exist.  It would stop breathing, flourishing, or renewing itself, it will become stale, stagnant, and eventually decay. Artist breathes freshness, growth, vitality, energy and life in it.  

Many times events happening in  my community, my world becomes subject of my work and it motivates me to create which becomes my narrative in itself. Inspirations are everywhere and time to create is finite.


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