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Clay Sculptures

I took a Sculpture class at a local university when my kids were in middle school, and it was my first time creating with clay. It’s now an ever-consuming addiction that I cannot get rid of. Time and time again, I return to the urge of taking wet/pliable clay in my hands and letting my imagination roll. Whatever self-discipline I have in creating functional ware, I lose it in sculpting. I rely purely on the intuition flowing from my hands and imagination.

Whether in times of stress, deep sorrow, or joy – I can decompress by letting my creativity harness my emotions. At times my work has brought tears to many eyes generated from my own – see “Circle of Love” (a reaction to Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting in Newtown, Ct.), and “At the Marathon Humanity Cried” (after bombing at the Boston Marathon). My reflection on my conscious left gallery viewers pondering see “The Voice”. And a great deal of the time my work brings out joy like when I celebrated sisterhood in “Enchantresses”, “Made from Same Cloth” series, and my Floriography series.

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