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The Language of Flowers

“Observing nature with utmost gratitude is a form of a prayer,” my grandfather would quote, Tagore’s words as we sat watching the sun go down over the flatlands in Central Texas. Those words have become my mantra – a place where my love affair with nature began. Clay and paint are two of my favorite mediums to express the narrative of my heart the work in this exhibition are my prayer offerings.

The clay flowers are made from stoneware or porcelain clay, fired at 2200F in final kiln firing. Recycled glass, reclaimed wood, driftwood, found objects, and paintings are used to create this series of work. Most of the flowers were made early morning between, 3am -7 am. Pre-Dawn is called “brahma muhurta” meaning creator’s hour I found it to be the most unique experience at these hours in my studio.

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